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From Paris to Venis

Sunday, April 7, 2019 3:00 p.m.
College Park Church, Oshawa

The Mass of St. Cecilia was Paris born composer Charles Gounod's first major work and was named after the patron saint of music. It is a richly textured and melodic work which will contrast nicely with Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’ along with soloists Marion Samuel-Stevens, Catharin Carew, Cian Horrobin and Michael Robert-Broder.

The soloists for the occasion were specifically chosen as they, for the most part, have all performed the solo roles from these pieces in the past – they also live in the Durham and GTA region and are young, highly-trained professional vocalists. The orchestra is also a blend of local and GTA instrumentalists, some of whom have been working with us since our beginning in 1993.

Tickets $35.00 each


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